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When it comes to comfort, you expect the best, right? Nothing beats a heated massage chair, but with so many on the market- which one is truly the best? Before you make your decision and drop the cash, review what is out there for you to select. These three chairs are considered the best heated massage chairs of 2018.

Back pain? Nerve pain? Just want to relax and read a book? Winter is coming, and a heated massage chair will keep you warm on those cold nights.

These are the best of the best when it comes to a heated massage chair, specifically designed to give you the most thorough and effective experience.

The “Relaxon” is considered a luxury chair and the features alone sets it apart from most of the competition. The Relaxon has a one-handed remote controller to give you the power over the gentle, but firm rollers. There are 3 levels of airbag controls as well as 3 massage speed control options. Both the Relaxon and the Osaki are built with zero gravity mechanisms. A zero gravity chair allows your feet to raise to the same level as your heart so there is no strain on your back. The Relaxon is built with computerized body scanning, sensors that measure the spine and focuses on areas that need attention. This chair is ranked number 3 among the top heated massage chairs on the market today.

The Osaki massage chair compare reviews has enough features to wow any user. What sets the Osaki apart is the importance ergonomics plays in the design of the chair. This chair has a S-Track system which gives the spine comfort without strain. Like the Relaxon, the Osaki is a zero gravity chair. You’ll feel like an executive when you feel the chair automatically adapts to your body to provide the best massage. With two heating pads, your lower back will feel renewed as your muscles relax.

At number 1 is the “INADA Dreamwave”, the top rated heated massage chair. Built by highly respected Japanese manufacturers, the chair holds innovative designs aplenty. The INADA’s main features include a full body massage, optical sensors that activate the Shiatsu feature, focusing on your Shiatsu points, as well as a 3-D massage system which allows for adjusting intensity. Included in the INADA is a 360 forearm airbag coverage, extra bicep padding, and sole inserts for your feet.

When it comes to relaxation, your deserve the optimal choice. These top 3 chairs focus on your body and the points throughout where pain exists. No one should have to live in pain. Instead of time consuming massages and chiropractic visits, take control of your body in the comfort of your home. Have a seat, relieve your pain today and make the right choice.