Differences between Hiring a Plumber and DIY Repairs

As a homeowner you are most likely quite familiar in DIY home improvement projects and repairs. While this is an excellent way to show that you are a responsible property owner and a great way to save some money over hiring a professional, there are some aspects of home repair that are always better to be left to a professional. If you are dealing with a plumbing problem, it is always better to hire a plumbing company. If you are dealing with poor water pressure, leaky faucet or a clog, in most cases you can handle it by yourself. However, if you are dealing with a broken pipe, runny toilet, sewer line issues and similar, you must call a plumber if you want to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

No matter how many manuals you have read and videos watched, you can never gain the knowledge of a professional who has undergone years of practical experience. By hiring a professional to repair your plumbing, you can be at peace knowing that you are getting quality workmanship that is backed up by licensing and insurance. Also, the best plumbers always offer warranties on the job done. That way, even if something happens later, you will be covered by that warranty.

On the other side, if you try to address the issue on your own, not only you don’t have the proper tools and equipment but you will also have to spend additional money if you mess something up. Many plumbing jobs require working quickly and under pressure and that is not easy if you aren’t sure what you are doing. A licensed plumber is required by law to have a specific amount of experience on the job and to pass examinations that show they are knowledgeable in the field. Also, every plumber is required to have insurance in order to maintain their license.

You Don’t Have Insurance Protection

You mat completely confident in your ability to handle a plumbing problem, but what will happen if you make a mistake? As we briefly mentioned, your mistake will be rather costly. On the other side, if a plumber makes a mistake on the job, they are covered by their insurance. Their insurance also allows them to manage the costs of new materials to the additional repair. Have in mind that if you make mistake, you are the one who will be paying for the damage. Anyway, you will probably end up hiring a professional.

Licensing and Experience Make the Difference

Sometimes, minor plumbing problems such as a leaky faucet can only the tip of the iceberg of the real problem. A licensed and experienced will always identify the root of the problem during inspection that will lead to long lasting and cost effective repair. On the other hand, you may end constantly fixing the same issue without knowing what is actually causing it. An experienced plumber will always be able to develop solutions to problems much faster than you.

Caring for you home is definitely something to be proud of. However, you have to know when it is best to get professional help. Achieving long-lasting results are also an important part of making sure that you are caring for your home. The best way to manage your residential plumbing problems is to hire a plumber.

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